How-To: Configure the AWS cloud provider with IAM Access key

Learn how to configure the AWS provider with IAM Access key for your Radius Environment

The AWS provider allows you to deploy and connect to AWS resources from a Radius Environment on an EKS cluster. It can be configured:


Interactive configuration

  1. Initialize a new environment with rad init --full:

    rad init --full
  2. Follow the prompts, specifying:

    • Namespace - The Kubernetes namespace where your application containers and networking resources will be deployed (different than the Radius control-plane namespace, radius-system).
    • Add an AWS provider - Enter your IAM access key and secret key and pick a region to deploy your AWS resources to.
    • Environment name - The name of the environment to create.

    You should see the following output:

    Initializing Radius...
    ✅ Install Radius v0.36
       - Kubernetes cluster: k3d-k3s-default
       - Kubernetes namespace: radius-system
       - AWS IAM access key ID: ****
    ✅ Create new environment default
       - Kubernetes namespace: default
       - AWS: account ***** and region: us-west-2
    ✅ Scaffold application samples
    ✅ Update local configuration
    Initialization complete! Have a RAD time 😎

Manual configuration

  1. Update your Radius Environment with your AWS region and AWS account ID:

    rad env update myEnvironment --aws-region myAwsRegion --aws-account-id myAwsAccountId

    This command updates the configuration of an environment for properties that are able to be changed. For more information visit rad env update

  2. Add your AWS cloud provider credentials:

    rad credential register aws --access-key-id myAccessKeyId --secret-access-key mySecretAccessKey

    For more information on the command arguments visit rad credential register aws