How-To: Troubleshoot applications

Learn how to troubleshoot issues with the Radius Application


Step 1: Port-forward container to your local machine

Use the below command to port-forward the container to your local machine. This enables you to access the container from your local machine.

rad resource expose containers <container_name> -a <app_name> --port <port_number>

Refer to rad resource expose for more details on the command.

Step 2: Inspect container logs

If your Radius Application is unresponsive or does not connect to its dependencies, Use the below command to inspect logs from container:

rad resource logs containers <container_name> -a <app_name>

Also refer to the connections section to know about the naming convention of the environment variables and inspect if your application uses the right variables.

Step 3: Inspect control-plane logs

If you hit errors while deploying the application, look at the control plane logs to see if there are any errors. You can use the following command to view the logs:

rad debug-logs

Inspect the UCP and DE logs to see if there are any errors.

Also make sure to open an Issue if you encounter a generic Internal server error message or an error message that is not self-serviceable, so we can address the root error not being forwarded to the user.