Overview: Resource groups

Learn how to manage collections of resources with resource groups

Resource groups are collections of resources that you can manage as a single unit. You can use resource groups to organize your resources when deploying Radius Applications.


As part of rad init, a default resource group is created for you, with the same name as your environment. This resource group is set as the default ‘scope’ of your workspace, so that all Radius resources you deploy will be created in this resource group.

Manage groups with rad CLI

The rad CLI provides commands for managing resource groups. You can use the rad group commands to create, list, and delete groups:

rad group create creates a new resource group:

rad group create myrg

rad group list lists all of the resource groups in your Radius installation:

rad group list

rad group show prints information on a resource group:

rad group show

rad group delete deletes the specified resource group:

rad group delete -e mygroup

rad group switch switches the default resource group in your workspace:

rad group switch mygroup

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