How-To: Delete an application from a Radius Environment

Learn how to delete a Radius Application


Step 1: Delete the Radius Application from the environment

You can delete the Radius Application using the rad app delete command:

rad app delete <appname>

This will delete the following resources from the Radius Environment

  1. All the resources created by Radius on the Kubernetes cluster under the <namespace-name>-<app-name> namespace
  2. All the resources provisioned by Recipes

Step 2: Delete any cloud/platform resources

AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and any other cloud/platform resources that were deployed alongside your Radius Application and not as part of a Recipe need to be deleted as a separate step.

Azure resources can be deleted via the Azure portal or the Azure CLI.

AWS resources can be deleted via the AWS console or the AWS CLI.

Kubernetes resources can be deleted via kubectl delete.